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We, Acme Overseas are members of the organization IDP, The British Council, AAERI and PIER, which are global partner of education and language experts. We are the only registered Member of AAERI(Association of Australian Education Representative in India) in Entire Rudrapur and in the immediate vicinity.We have received Award from IDP for Best Regional Business Partner. These organisations are dedicated to academic excellence, cultural understanding, student placement and enabling success worldwide.

IDP(International Development Program)

IDP Education has been an industry leader in facilitating and promoting international education. IDP Education is an international education organisation offering student placement in Australia, and to New Zealand, the USA, UK, and Canada. IDP Education has 45 years’ experience in international higher education and has successfully placed over 400,000 international students all over the world.

The British Council

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide.

AAERI(Association of Australian Education Representative in India)

The Association of Australian Representatives in India (AAERI) is an independent organization that ensures the credibility of education agents who are recruiting Indian students on behalf of Australian education and training institutions. It was formed in October 1996 and was established by Australian Education International (AEI), the international arm of Australia’s education department. It has over 160 members across India. Acme Overseas is the only registered member of AAERI in entire Rudrapur.

PIER(Professional International Education Resources)

PIER provides the education industry with a suite of web-based courses, products and professional tools. While based in Australia, PIER views education through a global lens: we see our role as fostering excellence in education worldwide.

The PIER Network is a global online network of professionals in international education. Education agents, institutions and other organisations are promoted through a connected group of mobile apps, sites, databases and government agencies that are viewed thousands of times every day.

Regional Business Partners

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